Nutritional Counseling & Education

My Healing Philosophy:

  • Disease does not occur without a cause or imbalance
  • Discover the "root" of your imbalance
  • Learn to make better food and lifestyle choices and gain self awareness through our services
  • We are all biochemically unique individuals
  • Information empowers you to regulate your own health
  • True preventative medicine requires daily investments in one's health


Scope of Services:

  • Lifestyle Analysis
    • Identifying special needs that your lifestyle represents
    • Identifying and managing Health Challenges
    • Identifying and managing balance between Health and Household, Career, Etc.
  • Dietary Analysis
    • Using a food intake record, we will observe the strength and weaknesses of food choices and how they impact health and lifestyle.
  • Supplement Analysis - A comprehensive review of your current supplement regimen to identify if:
    • You may be taking too much
    • Duplicating nutrients
    • Causing a conflict with prescribed medication
  • Goal Analysis
    • Identify ways to increase energy level
    • Get close to an ideal weight
    • Lessen dependency prescription and/or over-the-counter medications

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